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Bob Kurz
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Mission Statement

Bob Kurz has a mission to serve the people! He is a real estate agent who truly cares about his clients' best interests.

Bob's Mission

Bob's goal in real estate is to work closely with clients, treating them as a close friend or family member and always putting their best interests first, not his own. He never tries to make decisions for his clients. Instead, he gives them options by showing them the upside and the downside of each situation. Once they have all the information, they can make an informed decision based on what's important to them.

As a REALTOR®, Bob feels his job is to be able to forecast events in the transaction and adjust the negotiating position so that his client always comes out on top. He knows this is something that cannot be learned, which is one reason why 10% of the top REALTORS® sell 90% of the homes.

Bob alongside a Sign

Bob is blessed to be able to say that he is in the top 1% of all REALTORS® worldwide. He knows that his God-given talent is working with people, so he has spent his lifetime learning how to achieve each of his client's dreams. The benefit of working with Bob is his 34 years of real estate sales experience. He has seen every possible scenario played out in real life.

It's common nowadays for real estate agents to use systems were they memorize scripts and give canned answers to their clients, but Bob feels that's just a form of manipulating the client to do what is in the real estate agent's best interest, which is something he would never do. That's why he came up with the slogan, "Experience Honesty" because every conversation he has with a potential client is based purely upon what would be best for them at their current stage of life.

Sometimes, it's not the right time for a person to buy or sell a home. After speaking with Bob, the client understands why this may not be a good time for them to make a move. That's because his client conversations are based on what's in the client's best interest. 

Bob truly gets to the core of his clients' motivations and how buying or selling now would, or would not, benefit them. That's why, in 34 years of doing business, he's never had a client who went to court or arbitration with him or the other party (buyer or seller). Bob knows you can do everything right and still end up in court, so he feels blessed to be able to say this.

Bottom line: if you want to be represented by an experienced, knowledgeable, trustworthy REALTOR® who will put your best interests first, Bob is the person for the job.